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Is there a spell check in here somewhere? I swear the biggest brainfarts I have is my spelling. I should know better, I WAS a good speller in school( was being the operative word here). If my aunt were to see some of the screw-ups in spelling here, she'd whack me with a large book, probabley a spelling book. Embarassed Doh!

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I've never tried this but it looks like it will fill the bill.

Let us know how it works.


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I'm not the greatest speller in the word so here is what I do.

I use Netscape Composer to create a post and use the spell checker in it. Then just cut and paste. Any program you might
have with a spell checker such as E-mail or maybe a word processor with a spell checker will do the same thing. Create
your post in it. Spell check it and cut and paste into your post.

Hope this helps. I know I hate making bonehead bloopers in spelling.

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I have a lot of trouble like this
I am using Microsoft Word and past(ctrl+c) and copy (ctrl+v)
There is an linkage in the internet free

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