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Hello fellow pilots! 😛

Could anyone tell me the system requirements for my pc to run the game with everything maxed out in the graphics options?


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Well...if you want some more precise suggestions i could ask you to tell us what do you have this moment and if its upgradeable or not.
Your question can answered by a load of proposals.
Your budget is the most important.If you are able to spend 500$ or 5000$ our suggestions would be much different. 😉

AirMalta Guest

Ok, right now I have a Intel Pentium 4 2.0Ghz, NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 128Mb and 512Mb ram.

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I'm not sure what your question is. If you are asking if your current computer can be made to run FS2004 maxed out then the answer is probably no. Current high end computers barely run it maxed out with good framerates. Two things you could do that would help framerates or detail level are douible your memory and get a new microprocessor. If your motherboard will support a faster chiip it would probably be fairly cheap by now. Your video card was good when it came out and is probably still up to the job. Others may know more about it's performance than I do. I would only consider upgrading your current computer if a new one is absolutely out of the question for now and the near future. I don't think your current computer will ever run FS2004 maxed out no matter how much money you spend on it. If you get a new computer you want the fastest processor you can afford, 2 Gb of RAM, and the fastest GPU you can afford with 512Mb of RAM, and a good sound card. Even if you go drop $ 3000+ on a new computer it probably will not run FSX maxed out.

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