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i have fs2004 but the graphics on my pc ar rubish so im buyin a new laptop i have thought of buying this could yoou tell me if it is any good for fs2004 and can you get graphic cards for laptops many thanks

zack 😀 [/url]

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System Requirements

* Windows PC
* 2000/XP – 128 MB Ram
* 98/Me – 64 MB Ram
* Processor:450 MHz minimum
* Available hard drive space:1.8 GB
* DirectX 9 or later (included with Microsoft Flight Simulator: A Century of Flight)
* Video card: 8 MB/3D with DirectX 7.0 or later drivers
* Other: mouse, joystick/yoke, sound card, speakers/headphones
* Online/multiplayer: 56.6 kbps modem or LAN

This is the minimum specs for FS9
As you can see most computers of today are well within these specifications. If you were to have these specs all settings would have to be set to the lowest inside FS9, and many add-ons would eat up CPU usage and RAM.

1024MB 533MHz DDR2 SDRAM (2 x 512MB)

This amount of memory is sufficient to run FS9 and should work well.

Graphic Card:
Integrated Direct AGP Graphics

This graphics card isn't the best and you won't see grahpics as good as you probably want.

Of course there is always one problem. It is for everyone; MONEY Ermm... The budget is the biggest problem, so if you give information on your budget, then it will be easier to give ideas on what you can do.

I am not an expert, so anyone can disagree or tell me I'm wrong! I won't be offended.


thanks but more help would be apricated 😕

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Just to do to what cheechm said, your processor is fairly low so FS9 will tend to stutter a lot, unless you turn down all of your sliders to very low, if not their lowest.


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