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Around the World in a CRJ-900! Leg 26! Video!

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Decided to try something different for the flight from Tahiti to Totegegie...this is my first FS video...I need to work on the transitions!

Nothing too special on this flight...except trying to take off without being the cockpit is a little difficult! And I set the autopilot heading for the opposite runway...guess I wasn't paying attention!

The landing was a little dangerous too...Eeep...besides almost breaking the rear gear off in the mud...the brakes locked up(that's my story) and she skidded sideways!

I bought my second addon today...FS Water...and it looks the same. I suck at computers.

Oh, and just so you know, this was one of the first flights that I used time compression on, because I knew it made for some cool shots that I wanted to get on video...and because I've been flying all day. The flight to Enau from Auckland...I kinda took a shower, went to Autozone, went to Home Depot, and waxed the motorcycle while it was flying...but it was still on normal time...that counts, right? Shocked

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Nice vid. Try and bring the nose down a little softer next time.

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I have fs for a year and i still cant manaoul make it manage a landing. Keep trying and you make it.
Cheer up Laughing Very Happy

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sorry i ment make a landing

meylan Guest

nice video ,sounds good to me

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We left early from Totegegie...really early!!! 0015 hours early! The reasoning behind this? If we didn't arrivate at Isla de Pascua by 0530, they could launch a search party, and they would have a full day of daillight to find us!

Fortunately the search party was able to stand down! Unfortunately, it doesn't make for very interesting pictures.

The most interesting part about this leg...we are now AROUND THE WORLD...but we're still thousands of miles from KLAS!

Formation Flying Out of Totegegie

Actually, it was a camera trick, we weren't that close

That's it for pictures...the landing at Isla de Pascua was probably my worst fair weather approach I've ever had. I kept looking out at the runway lights instead of bringing her in on instruments, and I got some crazy vertigo, the worst I've ever had in FS9, actually, the ONLY vertigo I've had in FS9. I got her up around 50% bank to either side once a piece, I was freaking out. Fortunately, I settled down and locked my eyes on the guages, and made a reasonable -342 ft/min landing...which isn't smooth, but it isn't a crash.

I'm assuming this is a pretty island, I'll have to look around tomorrow. I know that Robinson Crusoe island, tomorrows destination is absolutely NOTHING to look at. Our flight office, based in Phoenix, booked us a cargo ship to drop off fuel at the airport, it pretty much is just a runway sized island that we'll use to hop to the mainland!

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Looking forward to more Thumbs Up!

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NoWorries wrote:

The most interesting part about this leg...we are now AROUND THE WORLD...but we're still thousands of miles from KLAS!

Cheers! Punk Cheers!


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We took off from Isla de Pascua just after the sun came up, we wanted to get a good look at the island. It's not super pretty, but it looks like it'd be a nice place to visit none-the-less!

I was messing with my visual settings, and noticed that the resolution didn't quite seem right...I bumped it up one notch, and it got considerably better. I don't know if it actually changed the exterior, but the cockpit was like putting on a pair of glasses after not-knowing that you needed glasses! So I kept messing with it and really broke FS9 for a few was so large that I couldn't see the options buttons and therefore had to click through based on luck...and fortunately my options show up on every screen shot. Smile

The landing was a surprise...I thought that Isla Robinson Crusoe was a tiny, tiny, tiny island, it just turns out that when I was scouting and loaded a flight there...I didn't realize the airport is on top of a plateau, which kinda hides the rest of the island!

I put her on the ground at -765 ft/min...I don't know what happened, one second I was flying, the next second the ground came shooting up at me and WHAM...what a landing! I'm really glad the gear didn't collapse. I don't know what happened, at one point during this trip, I had a -47 ft/min they are all over probably has to do with the super short/narrow runways I've been forced to use in the Pacific, this one is only 2,800 feet long! Fortunately Santiago is only 400 miles away, so I'll be able to skimp on fuel to get off the ground safely!

This post has a LOT of pictures, to make up for the previous two flights. Smile

"NW4, Pascua tower, Good morning...are you sure you want to file VFR today? Your destination is over 1,600 miles away." "Shhhh...don't tell the FAA I'm here, NW4."

Panorama caused by me messing with the resolution specs.

Here is a palm tree growing on a cliff, I didn't know it was on a cliff when I landed this morning!!!!!! I'm lucky I didn't die...I really should check the runway elevation, especially when I assume it to be 10 or 12 feet!

Beautiful airport:

Headed East

3 hours, 40 minutes of this:

Island exactly 110 miles from Isla Robinson Crusoe...makes for a nice Descent Marker!

This island is bigger than I remember!

Middle Marker

Crossing the Cliff

If a good landing is one you can walk away from, and a great landing is one where you can reuse the plane again...this was a good landing...

Tomorrow! Mainland Chile with a short hop to Santiago!

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Very nice - I like the take off shots Thumbs Up!

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These are excellent screenshots, very nice ones showing the airstrip!


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Very nice screenshots Exclamation Exclamation I like the first shot with the tower.Good idea. Thumbs Up!

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Thanks so much for the kind comments! The most stressful part of the flight is over! That part was stressing the plane across huge expanses (8,413 miles) of water with no divert airfields. Fortunately she behaved beautifully!

We showed up to the plane this morning, more-so, swam up to it. A Cyclone was moving it, we HAD to get out the there! Check out the sideways rain!

I underestimated the length of the runway and only took off at 100% thrust...about the last 400 feet of the runway I got worried and went full throttle...I didn't get a screenshot or even look, but I bet the rear wheels came off the ground about 6 feet short of the end of the runway! Going the other way, is a big hill, thankfully the wind sent us out over the cliff!

Leaving SCIR, Robinson Crusoe Island.

Land Ho!!!

What's better than descending into a massive cloud bank? Descending into a massive cloud bank in the Andes where mountains are over 13,000 feet tall and quite solid.

I've never seen this before in FS9...rain and sun at the same time:

Breaking out of the clouds 30 miles from the airport...their ATIS said visibility was 2 I knew this wouldn't last.

This is a gorgeous approach:

There's that visibility we were promised! The glideslope bug died approximately 0.3 seconds before I took this picture...I was proud of myself for flying such a close IFR approach.

Another one of those spiderweb thingies!

I'm glad to be on a continent again! When I planned this trip...the planning ended at Santiago...I don't know if I subconciously never believed I'd get across the ocean or what...I have no idea where I'm going next. I plan to stay over the Andes, and I think that keeping the N close to the top of the compass may be a good idea!

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Cool shots! - some unfortunate weather other where you were Wink

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