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eSky has changed its format

jfmitch Guest

Used to be this was one of the best flight sim multiplayer spots on the web. Of course when people are content with something someone has to reinvent the wheel. Just to let people know who is the boss. If you want to fly there now better be prepared to have an ATC screaming in your ear. They closed the World Server for free flying between 1600Z and 0100Z. To everyone in the Eastern Time Zone that means from 12 noon to 9 PM. The thing that peeved me is that we users didn't get any warning .... just blam. Well if I wanted ATC control I would be flying on Vatsim. If there are any other persons out there discontented with eSky's latest fiasco email me. I have a nice site where we can fly 24/7 with a nice bunch of guys/gals who know their flying.

Ultimate Flight Guest

eSky really did mess up there, but their management is just a bunch of self-consious Censored ! If anybody else there is looking for free flight.. !

Censored By Radar

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