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FMC problem


I know how to use the FMC now but i have 1 problem. On the 'crz' page it says target speed, i enter say 300 for speed and climb is 250/10000 then 280 after 10000ft. I programmed everything i needed route etc speeds, my arrival. I took off and clicked vnav and lnav, of course the plane turns to its course and starts to speed up. Now if find it uses pitch to contol speed and pitches wildy to about 25 degrees, then it releases pitch and shoots down to about 3 degrees pitch. I take it off auto pilot and fly it myself till cruise then put it back on, go to the toilet and it isnt flying at 300knots like i programmed it to, its flying at 400knots on full throttle!! Surprised Surprised

Why isnt this working properly as it was working last week but not now??

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Which aircraft?


737-800 and 737-900



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My suggestion is to follow Timothy Metzinger's tutorial. Very detailed, and very helpful 😉

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