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Lightning show (video)

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Hey all.

I flew from Malta to Chania (LMML to LGSA) last night and the weather over LMML was horrible (which is to mean pretty cool). I decided to fly through the system instead of avoid it and capture some video 😂

Anyway, here it is. Only crudely edited (no special effects) and pretty large it turns out (35MB or so). A few views, lots of lightning and clouds. Frame rates are not the best and I wanted a different version of the music (one played a little faster, with more nerve). Anyway.. oh yea. The landing is not the best (visual approach and hand flown of course), but deal with it 😛

What you will see (so you don't have to download and find out it's crap):

- Aircraft: Wilco PIC 737-500 BMI
- Cruise at 5000 ft (and later climbing) over LMML, horrible cumulus and nimbus clouds, heavy lightning (no precipitation).
- A patch of heavy turbulence (the auto pilot can hardly cope). You see the Wx radar
- After things calm down, quick scenery over Crete, approach and landing (cockpit views)
- Same landing from the outside.

Enjoy (or not):

[url] [/url]

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You don't need the URL tags:

Downloading now... 😉

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Very nice video - I like the choice of music (Vivaldi's Winter?) for the storm system and the part of "serenity" as you call it. The angles and shots are very good, and the various landing angles are interesting - well done! 😎

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