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best 19inch monitor

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what would you guys recomend for the best 19inch lcd monitor for gaming? i would like the monitor to have dvi. the price limit is $350.

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Check out Dell but let me warn you, unless you are a business customer the tech service is worse than no service at all.


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atreyu Captain

is there anything special to look for like refresh rates when choosing a monitor?

EDIT: would this be fast enough for most games, not the hard fps ones but like flight sim and call of duty and games like that. or am i just worring about ghosting too much and this monitor will be fine.

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I never did know that much about them. All I did was search for the highest rated 24" that wouldn't "shadow" and it turned out to be Dell.
I showed it to a few tech friends and they said "get it".
Match the specs up to mine.

Wait, some of the other members will answer.


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what u need to look for is response time. eg:

8 ms (gray-to-gray) response time enables crisp and clear images

ms is miliseconds, the lower the responce time the faster the pixels can update on the moniter. 8ms should be fine, i play on a 12 and a 16ms and i very rarely notice any ghosting (where you see a shadow or outline that isnt there any more)

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I got the::

Samsung Syncmaster 913N 19" LCD Moniter and its a beast.

handles every thing you throw at it. i was once in a scaniero the same as you and i oppted not to go for the dog b0lox of screens or go for cheap screens that will bubble up and drop pixels so i opted for a mid range, well known, reliable manufacture. I have had it since november (8 months) and in the 8 months i'v had it i have had not one problem. i use my computer probly 8 hours a day. (or possibly 45 hours a week) and its still in tip top condition.

just don't be a tight arse, spend around 300 like i did and you will get a great screen.

intresting info:

November -> July::
8hrs a day / 7 days a week = 56hrs a week
56hrs a week x 4 weeks = 224hrs a month
224hrs x 8 months = 1792hrs

Screen lasting me 1792hrs and no problem, I hope it last me for a while like my tiny screen (the company make, the company who went bust) that lasted me about 4 years without a dropped pixel or a blemish in the screen.

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Search in ➡

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Everyone prefers and goes for what they can afford. But personally, I'd never buy anything else but a iiyama. 😉

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