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How much does ultimate traffic affect performance?

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I have it and I keep traffic turned up to 100%. I didn't see any real difference performance wise. The aircraft that it generates seem to be very frame friendly.
I found that it makes the sim alive, much nicer than it was before I bought it.


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I agree, the added realism comes at very little cost to your overall performance. The most i've noticed that at busy times during the day if I switch to the outside perspective of the plane and scroll around it at an airport, It takes longer to render than normal. But once it does catch up there's no slow-down in that regard. Also, If you were to take a low flying aircraft over something like LAX, Kennedy, or LGA at noon the framerates will drop to about half of normal. But in my opinion, this add-on is WELL worth the money and minor performance hinderances!

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It does however depend on how good your performance is to begin with.
My computer has just about high enough specifications to play the game without being unplayable... with graphics settings brought down to almost minimum.
I bought a copy of UT (knowing that I would get a new comp in the near future) and it does slow my system down quite drastically when in a busy airport... depending on whether I'm looking in the "right" direction. If I'm coming into land at Heathrow and the traffic is on 100% for example, I encounter a lot of lag.
I do believe there is a freeware version of UT though, AI Traffic I think it's called. It may not be as good as UT, but at least you don't pay for it and if it doesn't work out you haven't lost anything.
Can someone else confirm that?

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😀 There are a few payware and freeware progs around
I have Traffic2004(pw)
I think the freeware prog you are thinking of is Projectai (its in our d/load section)and I can say its very good(I used it before upgrading to T2004)

There are loads of freeware and payware progs listed here ➡

Hope it helps

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