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I see many scenery files for FS2004 that say they require the following file
Requires Gerrish Greyss tree macros to be installed (
I am concerned about installing it though because the description of the files says it is FS2002 only.
Can anyone shed light on the subject

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It's my understanding that practically any 2002 scenery can be used in 2004 unless specified.
Saying that I would make certain that I'd back up any file that I put the trees or any other texture into. If you don't like it or it doesn't work then you can replace the file with the one you used for backup (the original).


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Ermm... I dont think they are compatable with fs9
Not 100% sure but in fs8 the new files overwrote the original tree files and in fs9 they don't, they just add to them
Now whether this gives you extra trees Dont Know

I have the file (somewhere 🙄 )so if I am feeling brave I will try tomorrow and let you know

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