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Scotteiboi Guest video card isn't the best and i am not planning on getting a new one right now (maybe in the future) because i just got this one. Here is my question..I can't have high ground detail and 3d clouds, so should i have high ground detail and no 3d clouds or 3d clouds and low detail?? Thanks 😀

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 Have you tried the cloudfix and fps fix d/loads ➡

I have them both and found an improvement........ Ermm... time me thinks for a that is as I have a new v/card and forgot they were in there
Umm... But if I had to I would go for high ground and low clould detail

Hope it helps

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RadarMan Chief Captain

TTT has a good point (the fix), not knowing what your card is I would go low on both, you have to have some clouds, what's sky without them.
That way you would keep your FPS up and not have choppy flying.


Scotteiboi Guest

ok..thanks guys...once again... 😀

ScotteiboiGuest Guest

WOW! Thanks RadarMan that fix really helped, now i can have high ground textures and high cloud detail! Group Wave 😀

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RadarMan Chief Captain

That's a beautiful shot! We're happy we could help. TTT remembered that post.


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