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Hey guys, as far as i am flying big aircrafts, i heared about the PMGD something, but never knew what is it , or tried that before. So plz can someone explain me whats PMGD how to use that etc, thx because usualy all my plane are opensky and downloading from Thank you for ur help. and is there any website for that.

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PMDG make very comphrehensive aircraft and they are very good.
The Beoing's they have take a wile to master with the FMC and all that but I think just about eveyone loves them.

Take a look at there stuff at

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Thank you.


very realistic plane, a real 737-700 pilot quoted me 8-10 for realism with the 2-10 being the feel for the plane which you cant at a comp..but hugely realistic really.

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Hi tiger.

If you think you want to get a plane for which you will have to read a 200 page manual, a plane for which you will have to fly 5-10 hours of tutorial/test flights, then go right ahead. You will not be disappointed. It is an excellent plane, detailed, functional as in real life. You can't CTRL E start the engines, you have to go through the checklists and it can take 20 minutes or so - more if you do realistic INS alignment (of course you can skip that too). In short, it's a realistic add-on - it gives many rewards but it requires dedication too. And it's hard on the frame rates, so make sure you have an above average computer.

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