using 2 joysticks at once?

Mr___Sam Guest

Is it possible to use two joysticks? I'd love to be able to use my old joystick to be able to rotate around my plane during the "spot" camera. I still can't do a clean rotate on "spot view camera" mode, all I can do is directly from the front, directly from the side, etc...

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You need a hatswitch, it allows you to do both with one joystick

MrSam Guest

my old one (that broke) had a hatswitch. But this new one that I got doesn't have one. Does anyone know how to rotate the camera around the plane without a hatswitch? I don't like using the numberpad keys to set my views.


Yeah ok here's a good app that lets you do it with your mouse, I think you need a mouse wheel though, or at least a mouse with a middle button

Try that, I used it before I got a hatswitch

It can be used as a replacement for Active Camera when exploring Virtual Cabins as well (though it doesnt have all the features of Active Camera)

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