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I need help with gauges on the F14B

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wejobay Trainee

This has been my first attempt at downloading new aircraft for FS2004. I chose the F14B and I'm having an issue with getting the gauges to display in the cockpit view. I've read all the instructions in the Read Me and yes i've copied and pasted the gauges from the dowloaded file to the guages file in FS2004. Still no gauges. Like I said this is my first attempt at this so please go easy on me 🙂.

The aircraft itself looks spectacular and once I reset the sensitivities for my yoke it handles like a dream.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Try moving the gauges to the fs gauges folder,ie do not copy and paste.
Open the F14B gauges folder and click Edit,Select All,then drag them to the fs gauges folder.(overwrite anything it asks)Oh and make a back up of the folder 1st


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I cut and pasted the gauges to the gauges folder (not before backing up the file 🙂) yet I still have none. Very un-nerving. Taking off is a breeze, its landing that's tough w/o any instuments. haha...

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