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manually entering flight plan

MrSam Guest

I can't seem to find out how to enter a flight plan manually. I want it to follow exactly how it does in the real world... says the JFK to BTV route is GREKI V419 JUDDS CAM

How do I enter that into FlightSim? It only says "Find Route" and I get their own route, not mine.

Thanks in advance.

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CRJCapt Chief Captain

You can't enter a route like that with the default flight planner in FS, you would have to download/buy an aircraft with a Flight Management System (FMS or FMC). Otherwise, you have to enter each fix along the route.Smile

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

You can also get that capability with the addon FSBuild. (payware)

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mcmxl First Officer

FS puts in its own route but if you do an IFR plan on direct GPS you CAN drag and drop the red line to desired waypoints

GoneGolfing Guest

If your looking for the free way of doing it theres a few planners that are freeware or if you dont mind a little inconvenience use routeeditor and plot out a course in fs then save it and edit the .pln putting in your inter, vors ect. or goto simroutes dot com and enter a sim route. thats what i do

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Canyon (NoWorries) Captain

Super simple, right it down on a piece of paper, with freq's if possible...if'll have to look them up in the Map.

Then, turn off your GPS, program in your departure freq in the Nav1 and your destination freq in the Nav2, set Course, and away you go.

Don't even need a computer. Very Happy Except for the flying part! Very Happy

MrSam Guest

you call that 'super simple'? lol...

anyway, I tried Route Editor... but it asks me for Longitude and Latitude. All I have is what is available on FlightAware's IFR Route Analyzer: You put in two cities, and they show the most frequent routes, most frequent cruising altitudes, etc... It doesn't say anything about long/lat or frequencies.

As for , it doesn't say anything about exporting it to a .pln file for use in FlightSimulator.

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