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Around the World in a CRJ-900! Leg 33!

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We finally got out of plane seems to keep wanting to go East...but I think it is time to turn her Northwards for the Caribean and then ultimately, back to KLAS!

Today we took off from Cotopaxi, which despite a 9,000 foot runway @ 9,000 feet, is a difficult departure. Why? It is in a valley with big hills on either side, they just look like hills until you try to climb over them at 1800 ft/min and almost run into them. Fortunately the Flight Planner took us the long way down the valley, I couldn't figure out why, until I realized how close we got to the ground, at two points the co-pilot called, "Approaching Minimums!" with the gear and flaps up at 226 knots!

I had a blast on this flight, after we touched down in Canaima, on the border of Canaima National Park, I loaded up the Angel Falls scenery which didn't load right the last time. Unfortunately it killed the panel on the CRJ-900, but fortunately I was able to get some pretty good shots! They really did a great job with the tabletop mountains, the falls leave something to be desired!

We are ridiculously close to the spire in Guiyana, so we'll hit(not literally) that tomorrow on the way to the lesser Antilles!

I am reloading the scenery as we speak, when I uninstalled it, the panel came I dunno...

Climbing out of Cotopaxi just after dawn in a misting rain, check out the cool cones of light!

A closer view:

Climbing away from Cotopaxi:

You've heard the song, "I'm being followed by a Moonshadow", well I was being followed by a plane shadow! At first I thought I was going to collide with it! Then I realized it was mine!

Thunderheads forming over Ecuador

The hole of Shell Mera in the distance:

For real-world weather, I was pretty impressed with these clouds! The wispy ones were really moving, about as fast as me, though I was catching them a little.

More Formations

If my shadow is going to chase me, it's only fitting that I chase the moon.

My pilot and co-pilot! Even uglier than I ever imagined!

Banking to final over a tributary of the Amazon river:

Canaima airport:

These rock formations are the scenery addon directly in front of the plane in the last picture!

Angel Falls!

Angel Falls! 979 meters tall, 3,212 feet!

Approaching the cliff of Angel Falls

Different Angle of Angel

Climbing away, for a return to the airport:

Tomorrow, Spire in Guiyana, then somewhere in the carribean!

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Quite a fantastic assortment of screenshots.


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The flight out of Venezuela was supposed to be tomorrow, but we heard someones say that the Park Rangers were investigating someone buzzing base jumpers and wildlife on the falls! It sounded serious, so we decided to skeedaddle!

The scenery reload brought the scenery up and the guages, I don't know why it hiccuped that one time, it's actually a pretty good scenery add-on if the waterfall meshed better. They even included an intersection marker which will lead you right to the waterfall!

I thought that the spire in Guiyana was right over the is...175 miles over the hill! Oh well, we came this far, we'd better go see it!

I also noticed(not where we are flying) that in French Guiyana there is a pie shaped danger zone up to 100,000 feet, that's where they launch satellites from! They use the centrifical force at the equator to help out a bit.

We decided a nice short hop to Trinidad and Tobago would be nice, and it puts us within a decent flight of Princess Juliana Airport!

Lift-off from Canaima

Canaima National Park

One last view before it disappeared into the mist

Gigantic Spire in Guiyana(You've all seen it, I'm sure)

I don't know why I do stuff like this with passengers on board!

It sounded like a good idea at the time!

Descending over Trinidad's BIRD SANCTUARY! Why the heck would they put a bird sanctuary on the approach to the only ILS runway on the island? Fortunately we came away unfeathered.

Laying rubber at the Port of Spain's airport!

I don't know what happened to my landings, I used to be able to land on the centerline, on the numbers, in 737's...I've got over 77 hours in this airplane, you'd think I'd be getting better, not worse!

Oh well...we'll see if it gets better at Princess Juliana Airport tomorrow!

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Awesome shots! I like the landing shot in the second batch best 👍

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👍 👍 👍

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Tonight was two flights to get to one destination. I got a little enamored with a Triple-Seven, so I'll post the video first, because there are a LOT of screen shots to follow. Forgive the choppiness...and this is leg 35, not 33, I lost count...

We lifted off from the Port of Spain early this morning in hopes of landing at St. Maarten right at daybreak. The plane had other intentions, and the landing gear wouldn't retract, so we got another look at Piarco International in Trinidad!

Our maintenance guy found the problem easily enough, when we had the landing gear wires professionally repaired in...I don't remember, Tahiti? The maintainer forgot to tighten a cannon plug and it backed off. A quick tighten on that, and we were airborne for Princess Juliana!

Here are a BUNCH of pictures of a 777 landing at Piarco:

Lifting off...Hey, the gear handle doesn't make the plane make that GRRRRRRRRR-Clunk Sound, what's going on?

Burning a bit of fuel to get under max-landing weight:

Back in Piarco! Hey look a 777!

The winds aloft were making it difficult to stay on course:

The Lesser Antilles

I crossed an airport called Le Raizet(TFFR), it looked pretty nice, I think I'll have to go back someday. Also, Mellville Hall(TDPD) looked pretty cool too.

Descending to PJ

Base Turn

What the heck is the Luxor doing in the Carribean?


Crossing the Beach! One of the girls on the beach is topless, but the cruel nature of FS9, as you pan to see...she turns away from you!

A little lower than I should have been, but I wanted the shot to be good! I wanted to land on the numbers(doesn't everyone) but misjudged my descent and overcorrected and landed half-way to Kenya.

At the Gate:

Welcome to St. Maarten

From INSIDE the Terminal! I love this freeware airport!

Tomorrow, Florida! I can't wait to get back to the States!

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Very cool shots NoWorries!

I like those TNCM shots 😎

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Those shots of the airport from incoming to landing are wonderful, don't get a sunburn!


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