What Kind of Plane?

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😎 Aloha One and All,
I like to build concept airplanes(ones that dont exist yet) But I'm
not into comic book looks if you know what I mean,so What I would like to know is what kind of plane would you like to see done, I guess I should say within reason... Kind of a poll I guess?
P.S.Please only reply if serious.

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Same as you I like the not so usual, I also like helicopters or amphibian aircraft as it can be a test of skill setting down and taking off again in/from unusual places if you could manage something along those lines it would be good.

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I would like to see an aircraft that is almost a UFO type. Something like a gyro-copter shaped like a dish. I know that they tried to build something like that back in the late 1940's. For what purpose, I haven't a clue. 😂

CharlieOneSeven Guest

How about a 7E7?


i know its not fictional but i am dying for someone to make a freeware f-117


i've checked but i cant find one for fs9

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