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i have had a multitude of problems with FS9 as stated in previous post and received a lot of good advice. I know i have a "relic" of a computer with bare minimums for hardware. I have realized that i can operate the sim with fairly good results by doing a clean boot and running the sim with virtually nothing else running. The only pain is that i have to do a reboot to fly and then reboot again in normal mode so "she who must be obeyed", my wife, can use the computer for productive things. the question is should i spend the money on a new video card and not have to reboot or should i just deal with the way i have enjoy flying? I know buying a new computer would be ideal, but that is kinda out of the question right now.

i am also looking to buy a Saitek stick and throttle set up, any feedback on that purchase would be appreciated.


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A Microsoft Sidewinder is better, I think 😀

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I can't remember the specs on your machine but if it's weak I wouldn't spend money on a new card for a machine that can't handle it.
List your system specs.

Saitec sticks:


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Not a big deal, but for Forum searches, google... etc - it's spelt Saitek. I have one 😉

huskertko Guest

the specs on my machine are as follows

Windows XP pro
1gig Athon processor
320 megs RAM
RIVA 32mb TNT M64 AGP video
SoundBlaster Live sound card

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Don't spend money on a new card, you won't see much if any improvement. Wait until you ca get a new machine or can upgrade this one.
It'll cost you $200 for a good 128mb card and your machine will be pushed to run it.
Mine isn't a screamer by any means, next year a new machine for a new Flight Sim.
I hope to build it myself, with a huge amount of help from some knowledgeable cyber friends.


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You are gonna want to get a better Processor, RAM and video card. It shouldnt be too much, one stick of 128MB, at least a 2.2GHz Processor woudl be good, and either Nvidia card with 128MB, or Radeon class with 128MB.

I do not know exactly what the cost is, but you wont need a better video card that what i listed. I have pre-ordered a X800 XT Platinum...ordered it bout a month ago, still dont have it, but, you dont need something like that to play FS04

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