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When doing long haul flights..I tend to get a little bored if you like when up in the air at my cruise altitude...doing nothing for about five hours.

Is their any add-on which can be used to fill this time when I am up in the air so I don't feel bored no more......... apart from FSPax.

Thanks 😀

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Not that I know of. If there is, then it is likely to be unrealistic because there really isn't much to do in real life, other than checking engine output, weather forecasts, approach plates for your destination and for alternative airports.


dvorak Guest

I'm a real world pilot, I fly the 737-700 for a passenger airline and let me tell you that can be a wee bit boring on the long flights when cruising

Usually the pilot and co-pilot would spend alot of the cruising time just talking about stuff, anything really, general conversation

Sometimes if we get bored we would hand-fly the aircraft for about 10 mins, before turning autopilot back on

Ah but when flying a long flight there is also other stuff that occupies your time, eating the plane food dinner and that!!

I dont know about FS, apart from FsPassengers, what else there is that would give you something to do in the air. What about the in-flight web browser? You can surf the web while monitoring the engines and other necessary instruments

Hope this helps

Jamie4590 Guest

I used to scribble mathmatic caluculations on bits of paper during flight. Stuff like fuel consumption and airport distance. Now I can fly a descent and make the calculations required in my head. Flight sims have really improved my maths which is useful for every day life.

I also get bored sometimes especially when I think it will all be in vain if I mess up the landing but there are always instrument scans and fuel calculations to do. Its the scans that identify a small problem before it becomes a major one. When you're cruising and autopilot is set make a cuppa or grab a cold beer. I know alcohol and flying don't mix but its too much fun! 😂

Dvorak, Are there rules from airline to airline that forbid you from disingaging the autopilot above certain altitudes or is it common for pilots to hand-fly during cruise? In the past when I've turned off the autopilot it canceles the pitch trim that had been set and sends the aircraft in to a nose dive! I assume to cobat this you would set the pitch trim dial to mimic the autopilot settings before autopilot disengagement?

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Alec Stelloh (Thunderbirdman2) First Officer

If your doing a flight with a freind next to you like i do somtimes i ask my mom to get food like a ahhh wat r those calledyes flight attendent 😉 so we eat then somtimes talk somtimes play cards but watching the screeen

Jamie4590 Guest

Using the virtual cockpit view you can zoom right in to the instruments so they fill the screen. This way you can be some distance away from the monitor but still see the HSI clearly.

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Alec Stelloh (Thunderbirdman2) First Officer

o yeah also in the virtual cockpit i like to zoom in on airports and other aircraft for a little bit

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

It seems that everyone is flying without the ATC. Otherwise, you'd be doing yet another needless frequency change every 10 minutes or so. I always love it when I am told to contact the center, whose space I left 1/2 hour ago. 😂

Jamie4590 Guest

lol the ATC is very enjoyable but its quirks like that which make me keep it off. That and I hate being rushed! I know I shouldn't as ATC is a way of life and crucial for all pilots. Is add-on ATC software for MSFS fault free?

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