American Airlines with the A300?

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I've been reading posts on American Airlines on and i was wondering what kind of crash happened in New York with the A300 that made American Airlines dislike Airbus for some time?

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It'd help a bit if you gave us a time frame, but this fits the criteria I think:

I haven't read them myself.


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For full NTSB findings this tragady is reconstructed on tv's Air Crash Investigation. I've not seen the episode so cant draw any conclusions but It seems reasonable that a pilot might trouble-shoot a faulty mechanism including the rudder. It reminds me of a fatal accident that occured when the jackscrew that controls the horizontal stabalizer failed causing the aircraft (i think a 737) to dive. It had already jammed soon after take off but the crew continued and carried out various tests to free it until it finaly gave way. The jackscrew was the only thing to blame for that incident. The crew were entitled to proceed on the flight with a jammed horizontal stabalizer and try various forms of trouble-shooting as advised by the aircraft and airline manuals.

It seems though that incorrect procedures might be contributed to this disaster.

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love a300

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