General Ground Steering Problems - PLEASE HELP !

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I'm having a lot of trouble steering my Planes when they are on the ground! I have read the postings on Joysticks which pull to the left but I do not think this is my issue - I did have a Saitek Joystick which was awful for pulling to the left, but I recently replaced it for a Logitech Force Feedback Joystick... My problems are that my Planes WAVER around really badly (Left to Right to Left to Right, etc), when I'm on the ground.

As you can imagine the problem is made much worse when I am accelerating down the Runway at 120Kts, to take off !!

My questions are:-

- Within the 'SENSITIVITY' settings of FS2004, what are best Rudder settings for my Joystick (Logitech Force Feedback) ??

- Am I better to have the Rudder NULL ZONE set high or low ??

- Am I better to have the Rudder SENSITIVITY set high or low ??

- Should I have Auto Rudder set ON, or should I check the tick OFF ??

- Any general advice on getting in a straight line on the Runway and staying straight during take-off acceleration ??

Many thanks in advance for any help all you Flight Guru's out there!

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I know that this may sound like a simplified solution but when the Sim launches and your at the airport waiting to take off, don't make adjustments to "look around" just take of the brake and start to taxi, after the takeoff then look around or play with the views.
I have that problem if I play with the keypad to get views of the cabin before takeoff.


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I have more problem steering during taxi if I try to taxi too fast. When I slow it down (16-18 knots), and make small corrections, steering is easier. As for takeoff, I try to increase throttle slowly, and get a feel for which way it's going to drift, then make small corrections to lead it just a bit. Tends to work for me 🙄 most of the time. Hope it helps you.

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I once made the mistake of trying to take off from Seattle with the autopilot engaged. Not recommended; the plane wants to bank and turn to the new course, while still on the ground! Those people waiting in the terminal were really suprised when my 747 came at them at about 100 knots. Embarassed


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I never have those problems, I just use the keyboard.--- Simple, reliable.

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I have a Force Feedback Joystick, same as you. If you have it set so that if you move the stick left or right, you turn, as in AUTORUDDER, it'll make the plane turn right or left...Due to the fact that the stick you're using doesnt have a spring in it, it just uses electical power to keep it upright, it tends to fall forward, or back.

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I'm interested in LeadFoot's comments about the Keyboards. Can anyone give me the intructions to disable the Joystick for Rudder, during tak-off and tell me what KEYS to use instead.... (Then once in the Air, I can reactivate the Joystick Rudder).

I'd like to give this a try - thanks again folks

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