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Hi everyone

I am getting tired of the same announcements over and over in FsPax, it feels a bit 'canned' if you know what I mean, I know the exact words that are going to come up and when because I fly often!

Are there any more voicepacks I can download? In English, I dont speak any other languages (it doesnt really matter about accents)

Now I know the fspax website has a More Downloads section where people have sounds uploaded but there not really complete voicepacks, there are just sounds for cleared to takeoff, and the hostess bringing food and drink to the captain

But is there anywhere else I can download voicepacks for fspax, because I would just like a change from the normal stuff I hear on every flight I do, and I do a lot!!!


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Go to there website and checkout the downloads section. There are tons of downloads available.

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Also you can go to their forums and search for the term edit voice..You are going to get some interesting infos. 😉

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