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Before when I used to fly the Boeing 737-400 (default) of flight simulator 2004, I used to make a flight, say IFR, from Heathrow to Schiphol. I used to request clearance, take off, set my course indicator, height holder, speed holder and when I intersect the correct course heading I would change the NAV/GPS to NAV and click hold "Course". When descending to the approach of Schiphol I would open up the map, get the runway ILS heading, and the runway number, put it in the Radio "Nav 1" and switch it on when I'm established on the localizer. I would set autobrakes, flaps and so forth.

Now, I have the PMDG 737-NG and it all seems quite complicated. First of all, where can I load the map to see the airports that are around coz before I had the GPS and now I don't know which airports i'm crossing? Also could someone, in a short paragraph, explain me the purpose of the FMC, and briefly how to control it? I know there is a manual but just in a few words i want to know how it actually works.

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the FMC controls both lateral (direction) and vertical navigation (height). it can also control speed and many other functions. this must be programmed using vors, sids and stars as explained i presume in the PMDG manual.

in most flight i gather ils frequencies before i start - so when i'm ready i just look at my notepad Wink

other will explain more, but mainly just read that 200page manual.

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