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I am currently in the USAF, I am POL, which is fuels, I refuel the aircraft on the ground. I love the job, but I'm thinking about cross training into being a Flight Engineer. But I can't find out alot of info about what they do exactly. Can yall help me out here and fill me in on the info? Thanks!

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See if this answers your question.


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Flight Engineers(FE)are a dying breed in commercial aviation with low pay and few positions. The jobs that are available are given to pilots starting with the company as a initial position. Long ago, you could be a professional FE as a career. The new aircraft are more advanced and have eliminated the FE on many aircraft. DHL, FedEx, UPS still utilize some as a stepping stone for pilots to the right seat(FO) but not many jobs outside of cargo. If you like the job and stay in the military, it will be very rewarding, you get to fly as member of a flight crew in a military aircraft. If however you want to become a pilot, look else where. 🙂

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Were two engineers used in Concorde flights?

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