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Just got a new nVidia 6600 card... help!

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Hi all,

Sorry I have not been visiting as regually as I used to, life has been getting extreamly busy for me all of a sudden.

Anyhow, today I took my PC down to the shop and had a new MSI NX 6600 (NVIDIA GeForce 6600) video card installed and removed my old 5600.

When I got home and loaded up fs2004, I got an error message displayed saying one of the guages in the Airhead Decathon, which is the a/c for my default flight, was corrupt! I have no idea how/why this happened, but I edited the fs9.cfg to change my default flight and went ahead into the sim.

I turned off antialisasing off in the sim, and onto 4X on my graphics card, along with antiscoptic filtering:

When I took a flight with all my settings maxed out, I now get a good 25 fps in built up areas, but my screen flickers during the loading up bar screen- how can I fix this? I presume the guys at the computer shop put on the latest drivers and stuff, but I am not sure if they removed my old 5600 drivers, or if the new ones are confilcting with the old ones...

More importantly, I have lost all my sound! I have both a built in soundcard on my motherboard, and a addon PCI card, yet neither of them are showing up in my "Sounds and Audio Devices" in the control panel Question

Can anyone give me some tips/ hints/ pointers on what do to and any advice on how to get the best out my new gfx card?


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The screen flashing as fs loads is something I had trouble with before.Use older drivers or try and ignore it.As long as you are happy with your fps dont worry too much about it Wink

As for the loss of sound Shocked
1st check the bios on pc start up(hit F2 before Windows loads)make sure the sound card is selected
2nd Reload sound card drivers
Also try selectting Add Hardware in the control panel,click that the hardware is allready connected and see if it finds it

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The latest nVidia drivers,(I think it's version 9.31 something), has a control panel, on which if you click on 3D settings, you get a long list of all the programs and games with their individual profiles. Each one can be edited if you so wish. FS9 is one of the programs, I changed a couple of the items to get best fps, and unless I'm running a recording session using Fraps or similar, my fps keeps above 65fps if I leave it open, but I usually set it to 30, which it maintains very nicely.

Perhaps these screen shots may help...hope so

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