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i got the dem4km.bgl to work because wat u do is u go to cd3 and to game 8 and go to base then scenery then u click on the dem4km.bgl and click extract to on the top of WinRAR. But the problem i keep on getting is that when i click on fs9 it says Lclookup.bgi file is missing or damaged. But when i try to copy that file into the folder where i have the fs9 it doesnt work. NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

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Was that English?

1. Uninstall/reinstall Flight Simulator 2004.
2. Use English ( no wat, u, c, and the like), it makes it hard to read. Text typing is for cell phones and chat rooms.
3. Use the Shift key to capitalize correct words

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lmao Umm...

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