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GPS Blacks Out

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I recently upgraded video cards from a GeForce FX5600 to a GeForce NX6600.

Whenever I get my GPS up on the screen, it is usually in black and white. I then hit the "terr" button to get the green land and blue water image on the screen which is easier to understand.

This used to work fine, but now when I do this, my aircraft outline on the GPS turns to a white colour (before it was black), and then the the whole GPS changes back to black and white after a few seconds.

Do any other 6600 users get this problem?

Also, my FSNAV takes agggggggges to load. When I hit the F9 ket, the fsnav screen still appears, but it loads each airport symbol indvidually where are before they all loaded at once. Before it took about 5 seconds to load, now it takes like 2 minutes, and everything has to reload each time I zoom or change the location I am centred on (in fsnav)

Why is this happening, how can I fix it?


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Change drivers, first load the first that's older than the one now and see how that works.
You can always go to the latest unless that's the one you are using now.


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Any idea where I can find the latest NX6600 drivers?

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