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(Sorry pOSTEd this in rong forum last time fs multi player dnt realise)
but , anways

Hi all...

Me and my Friend Josh Have Started our Own Virtual Airliner Called Air2000. We have an email account and Website allready up. Allso We should be getting an Email back from first Choice today Where we should have permistion to start our Own va.

Now getting to the point lol

Iv been looking all over the place for a Air2000 B767 N/C / OC / for fs2004.

I been to FSDOME,Simviation,Flyaway,Sircarlo,Simcafe,Fsdome,, Fs field. BASICLY them all lol. If u could help me My email is

Allso i kno it isnt in the AIr2000 Fleet i would love to Have an Air2000 O/C + N/C in A b737 - 700. I havnt got a lot of monney cos im only 15 but i have a tiney. Bit :

Hope u all can help


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Try Good luck with your company

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try opensky

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