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thankyou and more research please!

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hinch Chief Captain

first i would like to thank those who took the time to help me with my last project. you'll be glad to know i recieved full marks and went on to win an award for degree students - note i'm not in university yet Razz anyway, thank you. you can see my site here:

now, i am to re-build a site i designed a few years ago. i took over the site but was told not to change the structure - just how it looked. now i have been hired to completely re-build the site with my systems, but i want to do some research first Wink

could you please head over to and tell me what would stop you from buying from the site.

thanks a loooooooooooooooad.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Your old site is wonderful, one of the nicest and most imaginative I've seen in along time.

The new one, first off get rid of that white box, it looks like one of those annoying ads that had a "X" well hidden somewhere to close it.


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pilotwannabe Chief Captain

I agree with RM about the box.....also i'm not sure about the name just seems a bit negative. Apart from that I like everything.

Just my opinions Wink

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Faucett Captain

Very nice site, Hinch.
Loaded fast, looks good, keep it up, imo!!!

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Congratulations and your the new site looks very nice.

I agree with RadarMan about the white box - a different design might be slightly more appealing.

Other than that, I can only think that the order of the links at the top is slightly random.

It starts with 'Welcome', then about how the site was formed and its history. 'Register' is half way in the middle and 'News' is near the end. Seems a bit odd to me Dont Know


Jamie4590 Guest

I dabble in web design and even flogged a website I created to Easy Group for a tidy profit so here is my two cents.

Very nice site. I personally would use a capital letter for each heading at the top of the page and remove 'Happy New Year' from the main body text as its confusing because its August. Introduce a script that says


Even if you don't update for a month it will appear that the site is updated each day and the content will be more inviting.

If there are any then remove any links if they lead to a 'under construction' page.

In the register form at the bottom I would have the checkbox ticked by default so users have to uncheck it and 'opt out' of news letters rather than opt in.

Looking at the source code you know your stuff when it comes to HTML and JAVA. To make life easier for the webmaster switching to XML and instroducing CSS would help but its no walk in the park! One day all websites will be coded with XML and CSS is a web authors dream. You're clearly more advanced than me so I'm sure you know that.

Visitors will be reluctant to register or make credit card purchases unless the page is secure. ie SSL with the padlock as a visual reassurance.

I'm currently learning SQL programming so I can develop database driven websites. After 5 minutes though I just want to fly lol

Its a cool website but now comes the hardest part. The Marketing! Good luck! Thumbs Up!

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hinch Chief Captain

cheers guys,

glad you all like my new 'business website' - i don't even need it now as i got a part-time job in london as a codemonkey. oh well, a bit of spare cash on the side never hurt Wink

pilot wannabe, 'tantrum' isn't my site - it's a proper client ye know Wink the name is i think fits the audience hehe. it was built in asp mssql which i hate, my job now you see is to convert it to my php/mysql systems, simplify and generally update the site. the white box does seem a little outdated to me and is something i would like to change.

jamie, i was intrigued by your comments about xml - i have played with it before and have creasted simple websites, but i'm a strong believer of xml just being a fad - it just doesn't work properly on the internet! if you want the future, have seen 'ruby on rails'? that's probably the new language Wink

Jamie4590 Guest

I'll check out Ruby on rails. The organisation that controls computing languages, many years ago, asked the W3C and their team of language writers to come up with something to sucseed HTML. Thus XML was born. Unlike HTML where you have to adhere to pre-defined tags with XML you can create your own. This reduces hand coding and makes the language the most versitile so far. Currently the WWW is becoming unstable due to error-ridden HTML and there needs to be a solution to this. Changing from HTML to XML is a natural transission and I think in 10 years XML programming gurus will have flower petals thrown at their feet. Could be completely wrong though! Very Happy

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