A quick and easy way to put aircraft onto your flightsim

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Here is a quick and easy way to put aircraft onto your flightsim:

1🙂download your aircraft(make sure it is a full aircraft file, not just a texture file)

2🙂open your aircraft folder(wherever you chose for the file to be when you downloaded it, is where the file will be. open it)

3🙂in the top left corner, you will see a words saying "extract all files". click on it.

4🙂a dialog box will appear. click "browse"

5🙂now click "my computer"

6🙂click on whatever drive you installed your flightsim game on(probabally the "C" drive for windows computers)

7🙂click "program files"(you may have to scroll down to see "program files")

8🙂then click "microsoft games"(again, you may have to scroll down)

9🙂click "FS2002" or "Flight Simulator 9"(whatever version of FS your game is...Flight Simulator 9=FS2004)

10🙂click "aircraft"(again, you may have to scroll down)

11🙂click "OK" in the bottom right of the box(or whatever it says that means "OK")

12🙂now, you should be back to the extraction wizard box(the box that opened when you clicked "extract all")

13🙂at the top it should say "C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Flight Simulator 9/Aircraft"

14🙂if it says it in the top, then click "extract" at the bottom right of the dialog box

15🙂after it is done extracting, then click "finish"

16🙂Go Fly!!!!

NOTE:This should work...I am sorry if it doesn't work(this is how i usually do it)

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robbier Guest

dont mind the smiley face next to step #4. it was un-necessary. sorry

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leadfoot First Officer

That is how I do it also. It works about half the time though. When I do have trouble, it involves the panel usually. On the last dnld, I wound up having to copy and paste each and every one of about thirty files into the guages folder in order to have the panel show up right.

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Instead of putting the gauges in one at a time, click on/ "edit"/"select all"/ this will highlight all the gauges and you can drag and drop them all in one move.


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