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Hello Forum Members:

FSFlyingSchool is ready for alpha-testing!

We would like to invite all interested virtual pilots to apply for an alpha-test copy of FSFlyingSchool, the new add-on for FS 2004 and FS 2002.

FSFlyingSchool brings you the services of a team of Flight Instructors, with different personalities, genders and nationalities, all of whom are ready to help you become the best pilot you can be.

Interested? Get the facts on getting your own alpha-test copy of FSFlyingSchool at

Take a look at these features!

* A team of Flight Instructors who talk to you, giving you immediate, detailed advice on your flying technique.

* Unique scoring system rates all phases of flight: taxi, take off, cruise, approach, landing and much more.

* Submit your best scores to the FSFlyingSchool web site to show off your flying skills to the rest of the world.

* Instructor advises you on subtle things you don't normally know about: G forces; trimming technique; taxiing in wind and lots more.

* Flights and their scores are tracked in detail in the pilot's own FSFlyingSchool logbook.

* Performance immediately evaluated while you are still out flying no need to quit, switch applications, park or turn off engines.

* Fly demanding circuits around your favourite airports and have them evaluated in detail.

* Ask the instructor to give you an instant test of your airmanship; a great way to show off your skills and score points.

* Always gives you detailed scoring of your performance; not a simple summary.

* Improves your flying skills; makes your flying more realistic and attentive to real details.


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