AudioFX Force Feedback Gaming Headset

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is the AudioFX Force Feedback Gaming Headset a good buy or not. ❓

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Here's a review.

I have surround sound speakers so I wouldn't buy them. 🙂

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Well I have a pair, and I find them OK. I wouldn't say they are special, but then for Audio music I have always used Electro-statics. So not really a fair comparison. AudioFX fancy word, but find it just boosts the bass to the extent that you don't just hear, your head can actually tremble with the physical vibs. But again only with birds with that type of engine sound.

A C130 can blow your mind, and a Hawker Hurricane or Lanc are pretty evil also. 😂 😉

Best if poss to try them somehow. Comfort wise they are pretty good, the Mike is a personal item, I find it a mite bassy, but quite clear. Would I buy again, probably, unless I could test out a pair of Plustronics, apparently they are quite good.

Have just read the above mentioned review, and I do not agree with some of their findings. Re the Mic issue with Teamspeak, this must be an issue with the software, I use Ventrillo instead of Teamspeak, and have no interaction with that. Plus uncomfortable for persons with large heads, sorry I don't like to admit it, but I have a larger size than average, and the AudioFXs fit very well, no problem, and plenty of extra room available.

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