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Yesterday I was expirementing with the graphics, and I decided to see what my frame rates would be if I turned every thing to the lowest possible. Surprisingly, I only got 20fps:cry: . Here are my system specs:

Windows XP

Pentium lll 1.4Ghz

40GB Hard Drive (28GB Free)


128MB GeForce FX5200 (with latest driver and Directx 9.0)

I constantly clean-up and defragment my hard drive, and I'm 100% sure that I have no backround programs running when I play. With a system like mine, shouldn't I be getting higher fps, with minimal graphic settings 😕 Could I have a defected or faulty video card?

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Are you sure you don't have a FPS limit set in?

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Your system is close to mine but your card isn't up to doing it.


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Ermm... There are a couple of posts about the FX5200 in the forum
Here is one I found ➡

Its nearly the same set up,so have a play about with the settings

Let us know how you get on

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I am running a homemade rig.

AMD Athlon 2100
Asus Mobo
NVidia FX 5200
All settings set up on custom Display at 1280x1024 32 bit color, and frame rates set at max, and other than highly detail scenery I get consistantly FR of between 18 and 40, with no problems at all. Running an older set of drivers.

"J" 😳

jetblast Guest

I tweaked the settings a little, but I'm still not happy with the fps. Here are my settings:

terrain mesh complexity: 60
Scenery density: extremely dense
Autogen density: normal
Object shadows: off
Terrain detail slider: land only
water detail slider: max
Dusk/dawn texture: on
extended terrain detail: on


Sight Draw Distance: 80
Cloud Draw Distance: 40
3-D Clouds: 100%
Simple Clouds


AA: OFF (Really helped performance although it doesn't look great)
Rendure to Texture: On
Trilinear (is that how you spell it?)
Global Texture Size: Massive
Traffic: 100%
Framerate: 20
Screen Resolution: 800*600

With these settings, I got about 14fps. If I turn on Anti-Aliasing or raise the resolution to1024, forget it, the frames will drop to about 4-10fps inside and outside of the plane. Any tips will be greatly appreciated. By the way, one of the reasons I bought a GeForce FX5200 is because it's the best PCI video card I could find. No, my PC has no AGP slots 😞 Mabye that has something to do with it. If anyone knows of a better PCI card, please let me know 😎

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

I've got the same card as you, and, trust me, its got some meat on its bones, so it should do fine. I have:

terrain mesh complexity: 65
Scenery density: Dense
Autogen density: Dense
Object shadows: off
Terrain detail slider: land only
water detail slider: none
Dusk/dawn texture: on
extended terrain detail: off


Sight Draw Distance: 90
Cloud Draw Distance: 30
3-D Clouds: 10%
Simple Clouds


AA: OFF looks crisp and fine on my system!
Rendure to Texture:off
Global Texture Size: high
Traffic: 100%
Framerate: 35
Screen Resolution: 800*600

As you can see, we're almost the same, however, i have 4 times your RAM, and a 2.8GHz Processor. What you are doing wrong is having the detail too high. Set it to medium, your PC will not handle Massive. FS04 is a rather hefty program to run, as such, its not gonna respond well to the way you have it set. Try setting it a little bit lower than what i've got mine at and see what happens.

This is what my sim looks like/looked like. Soon i'll be getting a new Video card, and i'll do before/after shots.

jetblast Guest

After about 2hours of expirementing, here's what i got. I turned AA to 2xQ (It's supposed to be like 4x but with the performance of 2x) and the and the anisotropic settings down (these are my card settings, not FS Settings). This helped alot. Then I raised the resolution to 1024, which is the max if I want good frames. Now I get about 15-20fps at SEA, which is good enough for me 🙂 Some people complain about 20fps, when I think those are great frames. Thanks for all the help!

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Sounds like you want more visual quality than better frame hits. After i get my new card i'll show the settigns then and do framerates. Honestly, you shouldnt have it set at 1024, its not much better visual quality for the framehits. But hey, thats just my 2 cents...

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Jetblast you really do need an AGP slot, I tried running my FX5200 in PCI mode just to test my theory and my fps went from 30 to 10. To acquire an AGP slot you will have to buy a new motherboard. The motherboard I have is from ASRock and cost £35 - it has an 8x AGP slot.
Try downloading Directx 9.0b from Also believe it or not but in the FS2004 'Learning Center' there are a few tips on how to increase performance by changing some Windows settings - check it out! ➡

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