Broadband in the UK

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I don't know if this works outside if the UK but it's really interesting and informative as well. Also you most watch before the 9th August


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broadband from mobile phone companies is straight stupidity - you get sod all when compared to other deals as in monthly limits on time and downloads. i currently have bt yahoo - it's completely unlimited and £13 a month, and i spend almost nothing on phone calls Wink broadband is particularly important to me as i am a web designer both here and in london for which i work virtually also...well, from here 🙂

the program didn't mention sky broadband for free. as i have sky tv i would have liked to have known more. in the small print it all seems perfect so, has anyone here had experience with sky broadband?

if it was in the program i wouldn't know, the player broke towards the end and the video seems to no longer stream properly - must be all the traffic from here 😞

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