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well one thing i want to see improved is atc and related stuff to it.
microsoft needs to add a TON of more AI aircraft flying around with you. they also need to overhaul the actual atc and make it very much more realistic and finely tuned. i dont care about all the radio jargon, i just want a realisitc flight (holding patterns, quicker airport movements)

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guest2 Guest

yeah i agree
i dont care to see any more cessna 172s landing at KLAX

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

I'm sure glad there are different settings for different people. I find airports totally boring. Before I leave the runway and once I touch down is just a necessary evil for me.

As long as ATC doesn' clear the plane behind me to take off first, or let someone fly over me on approach or hand me back to the center whose space I left a half hour ago, I'll be happy.

My interest is focused on the plane I am flying. If a car full of clowns landed at KLAX, it wouldn't bother me in the least.

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Alec Stelloh (Thunderbirdman2) First Officer

I agree


I remember hereing they didnt really work on the atc.. I think the biggest improvement they did was the scenery and water textures.. probably why they have so many pictures of the planes flying over water.. and why the demo is going to be located on some island 😕

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