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can someone help me fly i am new to all this and i just learned how t oput aircrafts but i don't know how to fly canb someone explain to me ?

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You should really look at the learning center in FS9. There is no simple way to tell you over the forum on how to fly - FS9 is so much more complex than that. Besides, it'll be a lot more satisfying for you to embark on such a learning curve.


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I agree with Jon, start with the Cessna 172 and read through the Learning Center. Take the lessons and before you know it...You'll be flying! 🙂

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ok thanks alot and thank you for being kind unlike those other forums they say mean stuff

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Hey, your welcome here friend. We'll try to help you with any question. Flying, as a whole, is to large a subject to explain via the forum. As you read more about it, come back with specific questions and we'll be glad to help you. Here's a link to some basic information:

PS Choose a name so we don't have to call you unknown.

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lol i ll just sign up and also i like to keep my id "unkown" : 😂

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