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I was just wondering what will happen to the FAS forums when FSX is released. Will the FS2002 forum be scrapped and replaced with an FS2004 one. What will become of the FSX general forum, will that become a forum for the next FS.

Also...will there be separate screenshot galleries for FS9 and FSX.

Just wondering 😉

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I don't know. RadarMan and TTT will probably make recommendations to flyaway who will implement them.

As for what will actually happen...

I doubt that everything will change quickly to FSX related forums, i.e. FSX General, FSX Aircraft, FSX Scenery / Multiplayer etc etc simply because there won't be great demand for them early on. As more people switch from FS9 to FSX and FSX is a more popular topic, then I'm sure different forums will be created to reflect that.


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