Possible New Computer!

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Hi guys...I may be able to build my own computer!! For christmas or for an early christmas present i might get the parts to build this ❤️

intel pentium 4 3.2 H\GHz 2mb lga775

nice motherboard with pci express


256 MB memory PCI Express Nvidia geforce 6600 GT

Black case with a blue and black keyboard and mouse

lite-on shm 165h6s 16x cd/dvd drive

western digital caviar se16 250 GB HD

CMV 19-inch widescreen monitor

logitech x-530 70 watts 5.1 surround speakers

spire sp-atx 600 rocketterr 1v 20 low noise dual fan power supply

Windows XP professional, with possible upgrade to vista later on

what do you think?

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