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when i read peoples forms they say that they are gitting bad frame rates per second "15-20". but at a big airport (ksfo) I get 1-10 frps, with ultimate traffic. what i whant to know is how do i get better frps. I have 512 ram a sata 250 gigs of memory a small video card (64 MB) and a Athlon 64 3200+ 64-bit Processor. I think what is slowing me down is the Ultimate Traffic, and the small video card. can somone please tell me what i need to make fs run faster. ❓


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You need a good video card. The problem with that is if you are going to run Windows Vista and FSX then you'll need a new card that can utilize DirectX 10 that is on Vista and FSX is optimized to show off it's best with it.

So do you spend $ now for a card that you will dump in January or do you wait.

You should have at least 1 gig ram now and if you are going to run Vista (and FSX) bump that to 3 gigs, Vista will use 1 itself, it's a huge memory hog.

I have "UT" and it does reduce the FPS at 100%. Airports are very hard on FPS, they are very graphic intensive.


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