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I didn't load it yet but that grass color is very nice.


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Check these out! 😀

This one has all the sliders maxed with the Maximum 2x Water Setting

This one is with all the sliders maxed except the water setting has no effect.

No photoshop....I promise 😀

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Not bad... 😉

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Water effets look great in fsx. Look at my pics

The cars just have a chassi lol, but ALL settings are set to the max. I wanted to see moving cars inside airport like u see on the vids but nout. Shame i get around 5 fps. i got ATI Readeon X800 pro gfx, AMD Athlon 3200+, 512mb ram. i hear fsx will need 800MB ram to run smoothly.
Bad scenery 😞 shame i have to upgrade

Like they say:

Mo' Faster, Mo' Better
(Check out nVidias website, tells you some more stuff there, they have interviews too.)

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