CFS3 and video card.

RandyB Guest

Need some help here please.

After several hours of fighting the video card driver I finely got the CFS3 to work but only to find myself sitting at a black screen with an hour glass for an indefinite period.

My system consist of an AMD 1.7 gig processor, 256 meg of mem and an old Voodoo3 16 meg video card.

I am thinking the video card is my problem but before I splurge for a new card, I just wanted to make sure that was the problem. Can anyone answer this for me please.


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rob (Habu) First Officer

Hi Randy B, the two best upg's you could do would be
1. New 3-D accelerator card (I'm partial to Nvidia)...You should get as much as you can afford so it will last thru your next rig.
2. Inc Ram to 512. Good Luck, rob

RandyB Guest

Thanks Habu.

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