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When I set up a flight from one airport to the other the GPS line that appears on the map goes to a particular runway. Is it possible to change the destination runway from to another one?

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What about loading a procedure in the GPS for a certain runway, whichever runway you want, but it will have to have some form of LNAV guidance associated with it, such as ILS, or an NDB/VOR approach

The course will re-adjust itself and guide you to the runway that you chose, it wont be direct however, there will be a few turns made near the end to line up, done automatically if you have GPS hold on

Hope this helps

Also read this post it will describe in detail about GPS approaches, which is what you are looking for in this case 🙂

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It's not really sending you to a particular runway(I know it looks that way). It's really just sending you to the airport center, you would have to select guidance to a particular runway as you near the airport. 🙂

Visual Approach with GPS using the autopilot (AP).

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