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I recently had to re-install FS9 due to my motherboard being replaced. I have only installed the basic programme and some purchased CD aircraft, environment and scenery enhancement packages.

Yesterday I began a flight with a LAN Chile Airbus A340 form Frankfurt Germany, to Santiago, Chile. This is an actual replication of a flight departing at 19:40 and arriving at 09:30. Due to the flight being approx 13 hours and only having a few hours in the evening to fly, I flew a faultless flight until the flight time was less than 10 hours, and then saved it to come back to. The ETA at the time of saving was 09:28.

Today I loaded the flight to continue and found the following:
1) The full moon which was appearing before has changed to a half-moon.
2) The ETA has now changed to 03:30
3) The mouse pointer is stuck in the middle of the screen flickering.

Also before this occurence I was experiencing ATC stuttering some words and when ending some flights FS9 would crash out to desktop.

Are these common problems?
Is there a way to fix them?
Do I have a faulty version of FS9?


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I had about the same problem with a few (payware) addons, like the 727Professional and 747RFP, so I realized you should NEVER save and quit FS when flying with such an addon.

What I used to do is takeoff in the late evening (real time), leave the flight running all night, then wake up in the morning and land. And never use ATC if I have charts. You could wake up like two times at night to check fuel and all that. It's fun!

Had this ever happened before you reinstalled the FS?



I have constantly had different problems of different kinds with FS9, so nothing surprises me!!

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