Can't seem to callibrate my CH products

Yoker Guest

Hey all,

I recently bought a (second hand) CH products yoke and CH pro pedals. They are connected to my gameport.

I installed it all, it works, so I callibrated it in Flight Simulator. But even when it is all callibrated the plane is still flying slightly to the left when the yoke is straight and the pedals are not pushed in.

I heard when taxiing on the runway it is normal for the plane to go a little to the left, but once in the air when I trimmed the plane correctly I should be able to make a straight and level flight withou touching the yoke right?

Is there something I can do about this? For example manually callibrate the yoke in flight simulator?

I am using FS 2004 and flying a Cessna 172.

Thanks in advance for any answers!

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Yoker Guest

Really nobody?

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