737-700 Southwest at Seattle (Video)

TimH Guest

Hi everyone

Another video I made. Its a video of a 737-700 Southwest Airlines landing on runway 16L at Seattle-Tacoma Intl (KSEA)

You can view it here

Now I know there is a problem with the spoilers on landing, you see I forgot that I had already armed them when I was approaching Seattle. As soon as the aircraft touched down, I press / to deploy the spoilers because I forgot that they were armed, which in fact retracted them

Apart from that I hope you like this video as I am quite proud of it myself


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HowardsRock First Officer

Where did you get the sounds (planes sounds as well as PA cabin announcements)??


wow! 😀

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mikecurrie Trainee

good stuff Tim!

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Kareem El-Sadi (crosscheck9) Captain

Well done 😉

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spitfiresrule First Officer

Hey thats a great video I really enjoy the cabin PAs. Is the panel just the default for the POS or does it come with its own ?

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atreyu Captain

sweet vid man, makes you feel like your really on a plane with those cabin announcements

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vlad (tiger7881) First Officer

If u wanna know where to get the sounds, ushould have FSPax and u can make updates for that program from downloading it in the fsp website, i downloaded new sounds for my FSP too, u can put even new sound for the music when u taxi to the rwy. its prety cool. about the video, nice !!!! good landing, and i realy like that video !

TimH Guest

Thanks for the nice comments guys!

Yes the PA announcements did come from FsPassengers (

meylan Guest

Tim im unable to watch your video , something to do with directshow player but ive seen your fsx demon video very good . are you using fraps to capture or something else and what are you using to edit and compress .

TimH Guest

Fraps to capture the video, and Windows Movie Maker to add titles and compress to wmv

meylan Guest

thanks 😀

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Alec Stelloh (Thunderbirdman2) First Officer

Group Wave horaay kool

MrSam Guest

Atreyu, that pic in your sig, what airport is it?

TimH Guest

Thanks everyone for the nice comments 😀

MrSam, if you looked at his pictures you would see the one in his sig and notice that is Phoenix Sky Harbor Int'l Airport - KPHX that is is taken at 😀

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Alec Stelloh (Thunderbirdman2) First Officer

Thats kool my local airport in MIlwaukee KMKE has a runway over the road and a taxi way its pretty kool even kooler when your landing and see your home and land over quite thrilling

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