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During some flights in and around Las Vegas, we had some issues with our CRJ-900...this plane only has about 100 hours on it, but as you know, those hours haven't been normal hours.

Bombardier Aerospace was going to fly someone out to look the plane over, but since we need to get eight of our mechanics certified at the school in Monteal, we have decided to deliver the plane to the Bombardier Factory in Mirabel.

Here is one of the incidents in Las Vegas:

We patched it up as needed, you know how good we are at that, and here is the final flight for probably a month of NW004.

Early Morning Departure from Las Vegas, this picture was taken with an incredible zoom from the top of one of the hills that surrounds Las Vegas, you can see Lake Mead. 😎

Leaving Las Vegas

Crossing the North Rim of the Grand Canyon

Lake Powell, the island which looks out of place is called Deer Island, if I remember correctly. to the left is the actual lake, the right is the diversion channel cut when they were building Glen Canyon Dam.

The lakes of Canada

Arriving Mirabel


I guess this is Bombardier?

The Hangar seems about the right size to accomodate a CRJ-900, if you put it in at an angle!

The real reason this is my last flight for a while is because I have to go out of town for some training for a month. I don't know if I will have internet, but I know that I won't have flight sim. See you guys later, have a great month! Happy flying!

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Nice shots, and good luck on your training 😉

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Love the screenies 👍

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Cool selection of shots 👍

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Cool man

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wow kool

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