How do I get the mouse to work in CF3?

memmullen Guest

Any idea how to control the aircraft with a mouse in combat flight sim 3? I know it worked in version 2 by just right clicking. Please help!!


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CRJCapt Chief Captain

You're much better off getting a joy stick for flying. 🙂

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Alec Stelloh (Thunderbirdman2) First Officer

Jostick better but until you get it u can use mouse try settings or somthing like that otherwise i think you cant beacuse idk umight so just try that its benn a while since i played now that i have FS9

azr Guest

hey, you actualy can - just install something called PPJoy - freewaer you can find it somewhere in the web - it is a virtual joystick device, and you can remap almost everything onto it - including the mouse movement - works well with cfs3, fs2004 etc. - tried on my laptop 😛

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