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I love Rain.... (in general)... and being from North-East England that's a fortunate thing.

so my problem is that whever I select the Weather Theme with all the rain (sorry, can't remember it's exact name), then select an Airport to start from, when the Sim starts, there is a really nasty bug which prevents me flying this sim.....

a). The Runway either disappears, or otherwise appears to be under water !!!

b). The Virtual Cockpit view is half under the ground, half on top of the ground !

c). In short, I can't set up any sims with this weather theme which is a pity as the SOUND on this Weather Pattern and the graphics when the rain hit's the cockpit is fantastic !

Does anyone else get this and does anyone know how to fix it ?

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You mentioned your low on ram, that or that particular airport can be the problem.
Try another airport if it's the same then it's the lack of memory, it can't handle all of those textures.
Wait for your new one (machine), you'll enjoy the new sim, that's what it'll look like to you, a brand new experience.


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Ahhhhh ...... Didn't put that one down to RAM, assumed it was a bug...

(It happens on all airports, when this weather scheme is on).

Great, yet another good result.... If I hadn't hooked up with this site, I would be weeks behind on what I've learned on FS9...

Best 5 Dollars I ever spent (actually it's the only 5 Dollars I've ever spent as I'm English and have never been to the states!)


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😂 Well you 1 ahead of me. I've never been to the UK and never spent a £ just buck$.


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This is strange. Hadn't heard of anything like this before. Do other weather schemes work okay for you? Just curious - I understand your new machine Drool will fix it.

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Hey Folks - An update on this one....

RadarMan was right - my AMAZING new PC has eliminated this problem, so it was clearly down to low Memory on the old PC...

I'm now enjoying fantastic real-life British weather....

As for how FS9 performs with the new PC... that will take a separate posting... in one word UNBELIEVABLE DIFFERENCE (two words) .
My flying is utterly transformed.... Frame Rates = who cares... everything is smooth and fluid and I have MAX GRAPHICS in all areas !! WOW !

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