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Are you allowed to post screenshots in the forums by using image hosting sites? I know you have a gallery but I wanted to add 10 at the same time.

Thanks. 😉

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Not sure what you mean...but.

If you want to up-load 10 screen shots to our Photo Gallery, please do so.
If you have a way to link screen shots in your post, please do so.
We try to have very few restrictions here, just enjoy yourself.

(How did the XP install go?).


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Andrenaa First Officer

Thanks, I haven't installed XP yet, getting it Monday. It's funny, i've been fixing my Aunty's PC all afternoon and she has XP. I managed to fix it by removing 8 viruses and turning all the fancy XP graphics off - which was a tip I either got from you or Tom. 😂


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