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I have a problem. every time I am IFR I usually do the ILS approach but when they give me the the turns they take me out to 35+ miles from the airport, in the real world they usually dont take you that far. And if i do a visual approach thay do the same. Where they are supposed to turn you close to the airport (10+-). So is there any way to make the ATC turn you closer to the airport. Or is there a program that I can download to do so. ❓ Can someone please help

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The ATC in FS9 is a rough approximation. Vatsim is an option. I don't know of any add on programs that will make for better ATC. I also don't think you can change it's behavior. The localizer (real world) has a guaranteed accurate range of 18 nautical miles so ATC normally won't turn you on to the LOC at more than 20 NM. They aren't suppose to turn you less than about 8NM. Visual approach, anything goes. 🙂

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